Left handed people + Mighty Mouse...how is it?

Dec 31, 2006
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I'm left handed and use my right hand to control the mouse.

Ah...no help there!
What's with all you guys? You're letting the man control your input interface! ;)

I *can* use my right hand fine when i'm away from home. But i'm just more comfortable with it on the left side, as that's how my home computer is set up.

Oh, and FYI, I made the trek to my nearest apple store today for a new keyboard and mighty mouse. It's a bit of a ride, but I was up that way anyways, so I swung in.

The mighty mouse works beautifully. I'm not sure what all the complaints are about. A half-hour of use, both left and right handed and I haven't missed a single click (left or right).

I will say though, it barely functions if the primary button is set up for a right handed person and i'm using it with my left hand and vice versa. I have to actually go into system preferences and switch the primary button, whereas my Dell mouse wasn't a problem like that. But a minor issue. The important thing is it works...at least out of the box.

The keyboard on the other hand will take some getting used to (i've been using my old Dell keyboard). They way the keys are placed and tapered (the angle on the sides) makes them closer together and I never realized how much I relied on being able to feel the sides of each key with my fingertips to feel where I was. The apple keys are too close together for that. I'll see how I feel about it being *white* in a few weeks. ; )

Thanks again for the replies. Appreciated.

Mar 22, 2007
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The MM touch sensitive areas are definitely symmetrical, I've been in there and seen.

As an aside, the click you here when you squeeze the side buttons or turn the roller ball is generated by a little speaker. :)

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