least expensive hookup for macbook to television

Sep 29, 2009
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i have seen the apple store's mini-dvi to s-video adapter that should work for a macbook unibody (mine is 5,1, intel, nvidia)
i am pretty competent with the computer end, but my extent of TV experience was maybe hooking up a PS1
s-video, is that a digital format?
the TV is kind of old, it just has the coaxial plug in the back and that is it;
i have what i guess is a modulator, a little box with RCA cable jacks as well as an s-video in, and the coaxial in/outs
there is a vcr/dvd player hooked up to the RCA's and both coaxials are used as antenna in, and tv out
this leaves just the s-video;
is this a set up that would accept the mini-dvi to s-video?
i have another few old TV's in the basement that have RCA's directly on them, would these be preferable?
would they still require a modulator?
basically i want a cheap way to migrate the laptop to a bigger screen;
any suggestions?

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