LaCie Firewire sleeps and never wakes up?



I've been having this problem with both a Quicksilver dual 1G and a B + W G3 running OSX 10.2.6

When my Lacie Firewire drive goes to sleep then gets polled to wake up (either by clicking on the drive or from an app that needs something from the drive) the activity light will show for a quick moment as the drive is scanned but the drive never re-mounts. What actually happens on screen is that I get the liitle colored spinning wheel (beachball) and it never goes away. I eventually have to force a shut down and reboot. In otherwords, once the drive goes to sleep I'm toast. In the energy saver preferences the sleep option is turned off so I'm also wondering why the LaCie's go to sleep in the first place ... and ... how can I prevent this.

This problem never happened in OS9.

These are the older LaCies in the grey case with blue front. They have the power supply inside and sit horizontally not vertically like the new grey ones.

Product: LaCie 1394
Unit SW Version: 10483

Any help would be appreciated.
Dec 30, 2002
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maybe this will help

LaCie Updates

i used to have a similar problem with my old firewire case, but all i would need to do is unplug it and plug it back in and it would show up. i got a new case and dont have any problems. no problems with the drive itself

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