LaCie external hard drive not mounting - Help!

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Hi everyone. I am a newbie here and desperately need help with my ailing external hard drive (firewire).

The problem is it won't mount to my Mac G4 desktop. I am running OS 10.3.

I have tried hooking this up to another computer - no luck.
I have tried a new firewire cable.

When I open disk utilities the LaCie is recognized.

When I run Disk First Aid it tells me the drive is damaged.

I have contacted Drive Savers, as recommended by the LaCie web site. They sent me a quote of about $2000 to recover the data.

The hard drive does not make any strange noises.

Does anyone have any suggestions??? I do not have $2000 to spend recovering the data. I am hesitant to run Norton since Drive Savers says this may damage the disk further.

Help! Any ideas are much appreciated!

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