Keynote and Synology DSM?

Mar 30, 2010
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NW Wiltshire England
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Mid 2010 MBP 13, 8 gig mem, 2 int disks 500gig SSD, 1Tb SSHD . 2010 iMac, 8 gig, 2 Tb SSHD. iMac M1
I have just got around to using Keynote photo slide presentations. I like the way the programme works, easy to use and looks good too.

I have just loaded a couple of my presentations on to my Synology DS212j NAS box and when I come to look at them and try to play them as a slide show on the Synology Photo Station I get 2 copies of each slide. A full size one followed by a thumbnail size. As this is the very first time I have tried this I had no idea just what to expect, but it wasn't this? None of the captions I have included show on the slides.

The show in question now covers 2 pages of photos and almost at the bottom of the first page several slides appear that are not included in my show. They look a bit like examples of layout from the Keynote programme and they are definitely not included in my original show. These are followed by what first looks like the slide show I have assembled, but when I try to go on with the slide show from there all of the slides are just small thumbnail photos, but the do have the captions I put on the originals.

My DSM is totally up to date and I would like to know what I have done wrong to be in this situation if anyone has any ideas please?

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