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Nov 5, 2014
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This is about a particular instance of using the Command-Down Arrow shortcut to open a highlighted file not working. I've already posted to the Adobe forums, as I believe this is more likely to be an Adobe issue than a Mac one, but in the interest of exploring all available avenues for an answer, I'm asking here as well.
Command-Arrow Up/Command-Arrow Down allow me to navigate through my files, just as they should. They also work when I go to open a file from inside of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Firefox, etc. HOWEVER, in InDesign ONLY, after I navigate through my folders to the file I'd like to open or place, the Command-Down Key does nothing. It works fine in all other programs. I'm running CS6. At work, I have access to CS5 and CS3, and the key command works fine there. My wife's computer, also running CS6, has the same issue: the key commands work fine everywhere except in InDesign when trying to open a file.
Yes, just hitting Enter or Command-O will open/place the file, and that's what I do. I'm not looking for a solution so much as an explanation. Is this simply a bug of InDesign CS6? Could it be some sort of conflict with OSX? I personally think this is an Adobe issue, since I can reproduce it on two different Macs running different versions of OSX but the same version of CS6, and it works fine at my office on all our macs, on all our older copies of CS.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


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From experience with various Mac programs, my guess is that it's an Adobe InDesign CS6 restriction of some sort which is keeping the shortcut from working. I have run into the same thing with Microsoft Office for the Mac. Certain shortcuts just do not work from within the program.

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