Keyboard Possessed

May 20, 2007
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A couple of weeks ago my computer started acting up. Basically, when I type I get a bunch of additional characters and sometimes letters that don’t correspond with the the keys I press. For instance, every time i press the space bar “ -” is displayed on the screen, so I have to go back and delete the dash every time I use to space bar (which is often!). Different keys have different quirks, sometimes it’s a completely foreign character, other times it’s the right character but with a number or a punctuation mark attached. Most keys work correctly, it’s just super annoying to have to edit out *so* many additional characters. Not being particularly tech savvy, I have no idea what the cause of my problem is. My key board is clean, so it’s not some sticky mess dragging other keys down. I ran the trial version of MacScan, which did not detect any spyware. I’m out of ideas of how to fix this--help, please!

xxx ooo


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