Keyboard audio feedback similar to OmmWriter?

Oct 4, 2009
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Thanks in advance for any help on this.

There's something that's been driving me crazy for years.

I'm a writer (and also artist) by profession.

Have you ever tried using OmmWriter? Do a google search for it so you can see it.

It's a (free) word processing software app that does a few cool things to help you focus while you work. Namely, it puts up a background image that blocks out all the other things happening on your computer, plays a repeatable ambient audio track, and then—most importantly to me—has this cool feature where it plays brief custom sounds every time you press a key.

Well, OmmWriter is *too* simple for me. I have another program that I use for writer, called Scrivener, which is awesome for doing first drafts.

Scrivener actually can do most of what OmmWriter can to help you focus, with the exception of the audio keyboard feedback.

The reason why I love the keyboard feedback so much is that having an audio sound play every time you click a key increases my focus greatly.

I've searched all over for programs that can do this, and there are a few that use obnoxious typewriter sound effects or bland audio "blips."

However, finding something that is either pleasant to the ears, or—even better—plays audio sounds that you can customize yourself.

Anybody heard of anything along these lines?

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