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Kevin Costner..Possible "Proof" spoilers...

Jan 31, 2007
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I went to see the movie Mr. Brooks (not Proof...I was thinking of that math movie) this weekend, it was great BTW, but I noticed that despite it being 7:30 on a saturday night, there were several dozen elderly couples. No offence to anyone, by elderly I mean 80+. This baffled my friends and I. We go to this theatre alot, especially on saturday nights and the only older person there is the senile ticket taker who almost instantly forgets that he just ripped your ticket then accusses you of not having a ticket. We came to the conclusion that it must have been Kevin Costner. I personally have never seen a Kevin Costner movie in a theatre so this seemed the most likely reason.

He gets naked in the movie.

I think that might have gotten out and got them all riled up. He's not that old himself, it's not like they used to go to the drive in to see his movies when they were young. In anyone elses experience, does Kevin Costner have this effect on old people? Do you think it's just a wierd coincidence?
Feb 2, 2004
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Your Mac's Specs
This is by far the best performance Kevin Costner has ever done:



I saw the movie this evening, it was a great film! I thought Kevin Costner did an excellent job!

However, when he gets naked it's not like you can see anything, there are properly placed shadows.

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