Just a quick question for all



Hey all, i just got my g4 550 tibook today and man is it in wicked shape! I love it even though its only a 550Mhz and has 512ram. Couple quickies, anyone ever oc these to 667Mhz or the next speed bump, effectively through a bus increase to 133mhz? Secondly i have Firefox, and netscape and the dreaded ie for mac along with obviously safari. Now i find safari to be really fast when browsing but they all dog it when playing texas hold em poker at pogo, so i am not sure what gives, running 10.3.3 and newest java i beleive 1.42 what else could be the problem? Too low of processor spec? More ram? or just not built for mac? Thing is i can play Mahjong Garden just fine thanks for your time all! :confused:

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