Jerky Sputtinger Music



Hi All,

Have to enter this topic under general, because the problem exists in both 9.22 and Panther. I'm on a G4 duel

I have a website with a midi tune that plays, or should I say it plays on other computers not on mine anymore. The sound is there, but it's a jerky sputtering in place of the music, even when I test out different songs before I publish the site, I get the jerky sputtering in place of the music.

I'm thinking it must be something with my G4 since the problem is in both Netscape and IE and in Adobe Golive. I haven't changed my control panel setting in a VERY long time, and until recently, it was working fine.

Just in case someone wants to check it out, is the link. I've even disconnected my external speakers, but it's the same through the G4 Speakers.

Hope this is something someone has had experience fixing. BTW, all my other sounds are fine, QT, within Adobe Premiere, etc.

Patt :confused:

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