Java Problem! Java games freezing!!

Feb 28, 2010
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I have a brand new 27" iMac that I installed 32-bit Windows 7 on, using a partition made through Boot Camp. (I have none of these problems when booting on Windows 7).

My major problem is this: I try to play RuneScape (or any other game run off of Java, such as **** Sand Falling Game) in one tab. I open up another tab and go to it, do whatever I need to do and then go back into the RuneScape (or any other Java Game tab) and it has either whitescreened, or frozen.

This only occurs in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. It works fine in Opera. I have Java and Javascript enabled. What could be causing this? I checked for Software Updates - there were none, so my Java is up to date.

This also doesn't happen if I have the game open in one window, and all the tabs open in another window.

Tl;dr: Java Games freezing on Safari/Firefox if I visit another tab in the same window that the game is opened in.

I just have no idea what could be causing this.


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