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Ok, I have a powerbook and the Trackpad Tap is very important to me. I figured out how to turn it on a few days after owning my powerbook. Then I installed Sidetrack the other day after being told by Ibook/Powerbook users they can't leave without it. So, I installed it restarted. And noticed the loss of my Trackpad Tap, so opened up the prefrence pain and went into sidetrack panel and found Trackpad Tap and it was on off so I turned it on to left click. So everything is going ok, right? Well then I restart (eventually) and I don't have it anymore because for some bizarr reason sidetrack doesn't take effect unless I open pref pain and open sidetrack. That gets annoying so I delete Sidetrack off my computer, restart and notice I still don't have the Trackpad Tap. So I start getting scared so I checked pref pain up and down for this option (that I had on at one time) Can't find a buddy with Panther signs on (I have Jaguar\, I know I know :eek: Updating soon) But I ask him if he knows were the feature is... he didn't even know of the feature exsisted then he replied after finding it in Hardware > Mouse/Keyboard > "Trackpad" tab

Except one thing... I don't have that tab. :confused: I don't remember if Jaguar ever had one. However I know we have the ability for the trackpad tap because it was 'till I installed that horrible Sidetrack.

So basicaly, I need to know if

Anyone knows how to make Sidetrack work on startup (I'll redownload it)
Knows where the trackpad tap option is in Jaguar
Knows of anysites that may lend a helping hand
Or anyway to repair this mistake

*missing trackpad tap*

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