iWeb VS Good ol' fashion coding

Jan 30, 2010
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Hey guys, I'm starting to realize the powers of iLife that came with my Mac. This one's about iWeb. Does iWeb make coding in HTML, CSS, PHP, etc, obsolete?? Or is it just to be thought more of as a "Wizard" for creating a quick, generic, "About something/someone" website?? Or blogging??

What are the limits?? I've been teaching myself HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript (manually, without Dreamweaver or WYSIWYG editors), for about a year now, and I feel like it's really somewhat pointless now, when this "iWeb" can just do it all (plus more: Widgets!!) in just five minutes. There's got to be a catch.

May 19, 2009
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Waiting for a mate . . .
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Yes i think it does have its limitations, to the point you can only customise it to a certain extent. Its not going to make coding, as such obsolete.
There are those out there that will need and want a completely different look to there Web Page.
Depending on where you want to go with your coding, keep doing it.

There is no "CATCH"  just want us users to have the least complicated, and the most enjoyable experience we can sustain through there mobile.me Accounts

Just my thoughts though



iWeb makes HTML/CSS et al obsolete for people who just want to put up a simple, nice-looking personal web page or web site.

If your ambitions stretch much beyond that, iWeb is not the tool for you. What it does, it does very nicely. What people try to make it do is embarrassing and hideous. :)

I would argue (to the horror of people who have made the effort to learn HTML etc) that for most basic types of web page, there is ZERO need to learn HTML et al. If not iWeb, then RapidWeaver, Freeway, Sandvox ... even Dreamweaver ... all try to keep the hard-coding business to a minimum.

Templates are like dresses. There are lots of nice ones out there and most of them fit most people. But if you need something custom-fit, or have fashion ideas outside the mainstream, you have to learn how to make it yourself.

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