iTunes with external Hard drive and different users



I recently bought an external hard drive to store all my music on. This has worked fine for my primary user, but my other user on my mac can not access the songs from the alias that I set up. I changed the location of the alias, but the only thing that seems to work is changing each song individually. Is there a way to point all of these songs to the new external drive? I could just remove them and replace them, but I would like to keep the play counts?



Hmm...iTunes...not sure if this'll work, but give it a whirl. In iPhoto, you can do this (except with the Picture folder) and it works fine.

Move your /Home/Your_Name/Music/ folder to your desktop. Then start iTunes. iTunes will complain about not having a Library. Tell it to look to your external drive. If that doesn't work, just close iTunes, and put the old folder back. Then, if you have changed the Library path, you will have to remove your external drive momentarily (thank goodness its external, eh?), and iTunes will again, complain about not being able to find a Library. Point it back to the Music folder on your HD.



Heres what to do.

Hey jasib.

I recommend you trash Xtina's library database and re-create it. Delete the library files, then open iTunes. You should have a blank library at this point. Next, drag her music folder into the library, it should find those songs and add them without incident. Next, make sure the preferences are set to not allow iTunes to copy music into the library folder. After you are sure of that, drag the folder on the external drive into the iTunes library window. It should find all the songs in the external drive and add them to Xtina's library w/o copying the songs back to your internal drive. Wipe hands with pants.

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