ITunes Store and Mac Parental Controls

Aug 26, 2008
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I have enabled Mac Parental Controls on my child's mac user account through System Preferences. With that enabled, when he launches ITunes and goes to the ITunes Store, it will not load the ITunes home page. Curiously enough, however, the MiniStore will work on all his music, and when he does a search for various artists or titles, it will allow him to search without a problem.

Under the System Preferences' Parental Controls, I've verified that the controls are set to allow him access to ITunes, to the web, and that the web is set to "allow all sites". Under ITunes' Parental Controls, nothing has been disabled.

I want to maintain the Parental Controls at the user account level so that I may monitor / log his internet activity (call it "father - son accountability!"), so substituting Parental Controls through ITunes does not give me what I want.

Anybody else experience this? Any fixes anyone heard out there??


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