iTunes staying at home desktop in lion????

Feb 15, 2011
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West Virginia
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13in rMBP 2014 Yosemite
i am using the Mission COntrol view on a daily basis, especially the multiple desktop aspect. One desktop for safari, the other for ical, and other programs.

My question is..
No matter which desktop i open iTunes in, it follows me...what ever desktop i choose to use.. to that desktop in question; WHY!!

After swiping 3 fingers up/clicking mission control in the dock I click the desktop i want to navigate to (they never have iTunes showing in them, it has safari on the desktop or what ever app in ) and when the app or the desktop pops up. iTunes is always in the background.

I can close it (iTunes) and this obviously doesn't happen, I can also minimize it (iTunes) to the dock and its not an issue, and i use a program called Cinch that does something similar to W7 and sets the app size you drag to the side of the screen. I just find this slightly annoying, is this a common issue for anybody?


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