iTunes Match: never completed... how to fix?

Feb 19, 2012
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ok, here's the deal. I signed up for iTunes match. Tested a few albums/songs, all was well. (or at least I thought) Launched it on my whole library (around 10k songs) before I went to bed. Got up the next day to find it was trying to download the 256 files to my LOCAL drive, rather than my external drive, where my Music Library lives.

Yes, I assumed it would download them to where my music library lives. I have iTunes pointed to that external drive. While in iTunes, if I click on the upper left menu "Music Library" it goes to my external drive. BUT, when it did the match, it wanted to download the new files to 'username/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music...' on my mac mini hd.

So now, if I go to 'music library' in iTunes (the one pointed to my external drive) most of my songs have the Cloud with a ! symbol. If I try to play it, iTunes can't find it.

So I did something which made it even worse. I freaked out, and in "just to be safe" mode, went & looked at my local drive, and moved all the music files from my local drive to my external drive. Now I have an old "music library" folder, which is the one iTunes knew about before, and is hosed (not all songs there anymore, lots missing) and all my old 160 bit rate files at the root. (This is a collection of music ripped from CDs a long time ago along with newer stuff downloaded from iTunes).

I have tried running "Update iTunes Match" and it made it to step 3 and just sits there. But nothing has changed with my music library. Still missing songs, iTunes can't find songs, etc.

I'm about to take my mac mini + the external drive to the Apple store and say "fix it" because I can't figure it out and I'm frustrated as all get out!

Any ideas or does this sound like jibberish?!?

Edited to add: my local drive didn't have enough space to accomodate the download, so it stopped and gave the 'disk full' message. So now I can't sync music anymore. It isn't found / can't drag n drop either.
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