iTunes, .M3U playlists and Rockbox - any options?

Sep 4, 2008
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I'm a long-time PC user transitioning to a Mac (a new Air). I still use my PCs, both at work and at home, but I want to use the Air on trips.

I also own an iPod, which I've loaded with the Rockbox operating system. As a PC user, I prefer Rockbox to the Mac OS, mainly because it allows me to maintain my file trees. iTunes does not use traditional file trees, which makes using the player problematic for me, mainly because of the Playlists I have set up.

I have about 150 Playlists, saved as .M3U files. Unlike streaming audio .M3U files, the playlists I have simply refer to the location of the files in the playlist on the hard drive and are NOT URLs. Redoing all these playlists would take a loooong time.

So, what I want to do is play the M3U playlist in iTunes. Mac Support says to drag the M3U list to iTunes and it will copy the files to the Mac's hard drive and play the files. OK, so that's not really "easy", but...

Here's the problem: because I'm not running the Mac OS, I get an error in iTunes that the files cannot be copied and the process halts. I've looked around and I'm pretty certain that iTunes will not play the M3U files as I have them now.

So... is there a MP3 player OTHER than iTunes that will allow me to play a M3U playlist file, using my Rockbox iPod (or any other hard drive not specifically loaded with a Mac file structure) as basically a remote hard drive?

Thanks in advance!
Jun 22, 2008
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Forest Hills, NYC
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They say switching is easy, but they really have ZERO idea because they assume that switchers are all going to bring their pc's to the Apple store and have their stuff transferred over to a Mac. They don't consider the rest of us though, and I totally feel your pain. Here's the thing, despite the claims made by my long time Mac using friends, that there's as much software to run on a Mac vs the stuff you'd find for a PC, I've only been able to find two.. count em' TWO media players other than iTunes. One is called Cog (which is actually better than iTunes in that it's more of a PC style media player) and then one called "Play", which I haven't tried.

One area AI haven't ventured into is trying to get my ROCKbox'd DAP's to play with anything in OS X. I'm just not that brave....yet. Good luck.

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