iTunes is Having a Problem Downloading Songs

Aug 12, 2008
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So, here is the story. I would really appreciate it if you read the entire thing before posting. I used to have iTunes on Windows Vista. After awhile, I decided to move my library to an external hard drive (ExHD) because I decided it was taking up too much space on my old computer. I did everything the way I was supposed to and it worked fine.

Then I had this HUGE problem with Vista and had to reset it to factory settings. I put iTunes back on it, but this time I could not edit any of the info about the songs and the place where the artwork should have been when songs are played said "Artwork not modifiable" unless it was a song I had bought off of iTunes, in which case the art would appear.
I sort of ignored t because the songs still played fine. After several more problems with the computer, and having to send it in for repairs, i got fed up and got a MacBook.

Please note all the songs are still on the ExHD
I set up the iTunes on my MacBook, but the artwork was still non-modifiable. I want to keep the songs on my ExHD. I went to download a CD today from the iTunes Store, but it does not let me. Next to the songs in the Download "tab" it says Stopped Err -61. I also get a pop-up that reads There was a problem downloading (song info). You do not have the privilege to make the changes. Please check that the connection to the network is active and try again.

I would really like to know how to fix this problem and would appreciate all the help. Thanks so much ahead of time.

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