Itunes freezing up and other questions

Jul 18, 2008
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Just got my new MacBook Pro yesterday. Let me first say I have already fallen in love with it. I'm an instant convert.

I tried several times to import songs I have on an external hard drive (via usb) by just dragging the entire folder into itunes. I do have a lot of songs - over 9,000 but didn't think it would be an issue. Anyway, each time it would import the first 2,500 or so of the songs and then I would get the beachball and everything would freeze. I have several different questions.

1) Why would my laptop freeze up? Was it too many songs to try to import at once? The external hard drive I have is a Western Digital "My Passport" 320 GB. Even though you can use it with both pcs and Macs, A fellow Mac friend of mine suggested that maybe since I first used the hard drive with a PC that my Mac isn't communicating well with it. Any truth to that?

2) Unfortunately, I didn't know at the time what to do when itunes froze up. I knew that control/alt/delete works on pcs but it wasn't working on the Mac (I have since learned how.) So the few times my Mac froze up I just held the power button down to shut it off because I didn't know what else to do. Was this a terrible thing to do? Did I damage my brand new laptop in any way?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

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