iTunes Freezes after Security update

Apr 5, 2007
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Ok so im new to the mac world, but my question is I bought a iBook and when i first got it, it needed to be updated but before i did the security update i was playin around with it listening to music (iTunes worked fine)

then after i did the security update i tried to load itunes and as soon as i click on it on the bottom task bar it bounces and then the pinwheel comes up but i never loads and when i ctrl click it it says "Application Not Responding" and i have to force quit it, any ideas. thanx for help in advance.

im honestly gettin sooo frustrated ive been tryin to deal with this for 2 days now.. and i dont even want to move on till i fix this.. i mean its a mac itunes was made for this. :eek:neye:

Also is there maybe a number that i can call apple at and maybe get some help?

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