iTunes and YouTube Audio skips with speakers

Mar 1, 2010
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All of my iTunes music and YouTube audio skips. It just started when I downloaded the latest iPhone software 3.1.3. My video plays back fine, but the sound skips on the videos. The really weird thing is it DOESN'T happen when I plug in my headphones, only when I use my speakers. This is driving me crazy because I can't figure it out.

This just started this morning. I was listening to music and downloaded the new iPhone software. When I restarted the comp the problem started.

I have tried updating all my drivers, I have updated Java and flash player and made sure my settings in iTunes were set correct following iTunes help wizard... and the problem persists. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!

I am on a PC with Windows Vista, I have the iPhone 3G with the new 3.1.3 update.

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