itunes and mp3s not importing

Jan 30, 2010
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just got a new ipod after years being without. so i think i am importing mp3s from disks i burned but when i go to sync up, all the mp3s didnt import or something and i was left with only the wav files that imported and i guess converted to apples aac version?

what setting do i change to in import cds to get my mp3s to work on itunes and sync to my ipod touch?

yeah they are tunes i burned on different computers in the past.
they work fine in home stereos and cars that play mp3s but wont import into itunes.

when you say add them, i assume you mean go under file and add folder or files to itunes.

i do that it adds the names of the songs into itunes and will equalize the sound levels too if u ask it and it will play the songs but they r not imported and only play from the disk.

as soon as i remove the mp3 disk the question marks appear beside each song in the playlist that i try to play , that was just on the disk and it will no longer play.

i have tried this on my moms new mac desktop and its the very same similar thing on my home desktop.

am i doing something wrong or will i ever be able to add all my mp3s to itunes then sync it to my itouch?

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