iTunes account problems...

Oct 24, 2006
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New York City
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imac 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GM ram, 128mb vram, Macbook, iPhone 3G 8g
When I buy stuff from the itunes store I am logged on to my main account (my moms actually, i'm only 15)

I think some time about... 2-3 years ago I set up an allowance or something, I just noticed it while looking at my moms account information.

This is what it says under the allowances section:

Recipient Name: Jordan
Email: (some e-mail that I haven't used for a long [email protected]
Monthly Amount: $10

I noticed this, and I was like whoa, there might be $250 on that account. I signed out of my moms account, and logged into the e-mail that was on the allowances page.

I got this message: (see picture 5)
I clicked review
Agreed to the TOS

Filled out everything, and clicked "continue"

Then I got this: (see picture #6)

It asks me to sign in, but thats how I got to this frickin' page in the first place... augh..

So.... anyone know what I should do? Any phone number I can call?

Picture 5.png

Picture 6.png

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