It would appear Apple is screwing me over: Help me get my iPod replaced

Jul 23, 2006
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Just today, completely randomly the right channel dropped out of my iPod. I read some stuff on the internet saying this happens often so I figured I could go in and easily get it replaced. When I went in the iPod "genius" said that it was due to water damage because the little indicator in the headphone jack turned red (which I can't even see so I'll ask someone else to check that again when I go back). I don't know what this could be from, I've never dropped my iPod in water or anything like that. It seems possible that natural condensation or something could have caused this.

From my understanding if it was water damage the right channel would have shorted and would not work at all, which isn't the case. If I wiggle the jack I can get it working in both channels.

What can I do to hopefully not have to buy a new iPod? I'm definitely going to try to talk to someone higher up to try and see if they will help me out but I wanted some reddit advice to help me plan my course of attack.


I can't speak for the Apple person, but the water damage and the plug working loose *could* be two distinct problems.

Its pretty unlikely the water damage indicator would turn red from natural condensation unless you are dumb enough to keep the iPod in the bathroom with you while you take a hot steamy shower (don't laugh, I've had customers do this!).

The problem here is that once the water indicator is active, that's game over. You damaged your iPod, and any OTHER problem that *could* have been a manufacturing defect is moot because the warranty is void.

By all means you should get a "second opinion" from another Apple tech, but don't hope for much.


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Dec 20, 2006
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So, let me get this straight - did the tech make the determination by looking inside the jack itself (not by opening the iPod?). I can't imagine they'd have liquid sensor in the jack itself. If that's what happened, I would definitely be getting a second opinion.

Now, if he opened it up and said that the sensor(s) were tripped, that's a different story.

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