It started with Suitcase Fusioin 3 "Core"

Feb 25, 2011
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My wheels started spinning and nothing would open Indesign,now quark and acrobat all because of this "suitcase fusion core" which is located in the "System Pref's". Can anyone help I have uninstalled and re installed all of the applications through there uninstall program "Adobe" and Suitcase had a fix for the uninstall I found I even made a new user and my app's open but no windows pop up and then it just says not responding in force quit. Then it asks to start "Suitcase Fusion Core" and when I do it ALL locks up.
Here are my specs
Imac 27"
quad core
8gb ram
1tb hd
OS X 10.6.8
Quark 8.5
Suitcase Fusion Pro 3
Adobe Creative Suite CS4, CS5
Please Help!!!!!

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