Issues with Parallels and BootCamp - activation, AVG Anti-Virus, Quicken

Jan 21, 2007
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iMac 24", MacBook Pro
I'm running Parallels RC 3170 with the virtual machine set to load the bootcamp partition, on a brand new iMac with all updates.

First attempt failed because I activated Windows XP in BootCamp and then couldn't load it in Parallels because it claimed to require re-activation due to hardware changes.

I was frustrated by this because I had understood that the latest Parallels release had fixed the activation issue created by the fact that the VM runs a different hardware profile to BootCamp. However, I read somewhere that you have to activate Windows via Parallels, and then the BootCamp activation is taken care.

So, second attempt I did exactly that ... and when I booted into WinXP via BootCamp, it is still claiming Windows is not activated! The Parallels version of Windows still runs fine.

Anyone have any advice? I'm not keen to go back and re-install, as I've had to activate a series of programs by phone, including Windows.

The activation issue is also affecting my Windows installation of AVG Anti-Virus, which obviously reads the Windows Product ID and, when I boot Windows via BootCamp, claims to have the wrong licence number.

Finally, I can run Quicken Personal Plus 2004 (Australian version) under Parallels, but it will not load Quicken files stored on the Mac HD, claiming to be unable to "verify" the file. The same file loaded normally on Windows booted via BootCamp, but then crashed Windows to a blue screen.

Any advice appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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