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Issues transferring Ipod Music

Feb 5, 2011
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I have and older iPod it’s an:
IPod touch 2nd Gen
Intro. September 9, 2008 Disc. September 9, 2009
Order MB528LL/A* Model A1288/A1319* (EMC 234)
Family iPod touch 2nd Gen ID iPod2, 1 Storage 16 GB

Here’s the challenge:
First, when I plug it into my computer through the USB port, it is not assigned a drive letter but I can see all of its songs in iTunes.
2nd, I can also do right click to check properties and I can see that most of the iPod is filled with music.
3rd when I click on the iPod I see the DCM folder but only the DCM folder. In fact when I open the DCM folder its empty??? I am looking for the Control Folder so I try to perform the un-hide function by putting the check mark in but still I don’t see the Control folder!? So why can’t I see the Control Folder with the F00 folders that contain the music.

I have another I-pod Nano, 4th Generation SN: YM841BAA3RO that was assigned a drive letter when I connected it to my PC, I located its Control Folder, I had to unhide it first. Then found all the F00 folders and was able to drag and drop them in my computers Music folder. So why can’t I do it on this iPod.

So why can’t I do the same on the other iPod

Albert O


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Jan 23, 2008
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I suspect the reason you can't see music on the old iPod Touch is that it was formatted for a Mac. The Windows version of iTunes can see the music. You may be able to transfer the music from the Touch to your PC with something like "iMazing 2".