Issue with restoring backup from DMG image

Oct 6, 2011
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Here is the situation
I had MacbookPro and had (fortunately!) taken a backup before it got stolen.
-Backup is in DMG file taken using Diskutility on external hard drive.(i think its compressed one the default that DU gives in Lion)

Now after the episode,
Thankfully i have my parents mac (exact same HW) so i partitioned the Harddrive(on this 2nd mac)
to create a empty partition and Trying to restore image from first mac to this partition.

When i use Disk Utility - it gives me "Imagescan" error .
Then I tried to do image-scan for restore (in DU) - it takes a while about half an hour shows progress bar, but Fails.

Is there a way to bypass imagescan check in DU or any other freeware alternative to Disk Utility that does similar job.

I tried CCC, all it did is copied .dmg from external drive to target disk partition.

Other observations:
-Cant mount the dmg it says no mountable disk.
-The size of dmg backup is(96gb) which is close to the USED space size that I had on my previous mac and NOT equal to its whole drive size(320gb).
-Again I am tryign to restore this DMG(96gb) to 2nd partition on this current mac which is empty 168gb, os it has enough space.

Help / Tips / Solutions plz.


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