Is this possible? *highly irritated* help :(

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Dec 6, 2006
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I hate navigating thru iphoto its such a pain.

i understand that assigning keywords to each pic makes it easier to search for but when u have like thousands of pics
its really hard and time consuming to do that!

I am really quite comfortable with Window's "my pictures" folder where you can arrange your pics in a folder and each folder has like a thumbnail preview of whats inside.

once you click on the folder you can see thumbnail previews of each pic..

WHY cant i do this on my mac?? i know i can arrange my pics in folders but when i click on the folder it shows up as a generic "jpg" icon along with the picture name it doesnt show an actual preview of the pic

i have to manually click on each pic to see what it is.

basciallly my two questions


is there anyway to see the pics in ur generic folders ALL at once as little previews (as u could in windows) or do i have to click on them one at a time to view?

2.) is there anything better than iphoto that takes less time to organize? i hate the user interface.. i mean i know i can organize my pics on the left in different subfolders but the MAIN screen in the middle is a jumbled mess and its quite distracting..
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