Is there a Preview plugin for browsers?

Apr 6, 2011
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I really like to use Preview when reading PDF files,
and I was wondering if there was a way to use Preview *inside browsers* to open PDFs.

Adobe Reader has a plugin that allows you to open PDFs inside browsers, but I don't like Adobe Reader.
There is this "PDF Browser Plugin", but I don't like that either, especially the fact that I have to click a button to zoom in or out.
I know I can set the browsers to 'use Preview' when opening PDFs, but I often open many PDFs, and I hope I could just open them inside the browsers so that I can still use the browsers' features (e.g. going back to the previous page).

I know Safari has a built-in PDF engine that works almost the same way as Preview (in fact I like Safari's built-in engine better; its pinch-zoom is smoother than Preview). I also know Chrome has its own built-in engine. I'm in fact looking to use a plugin for Opera, and many people might want such a thing for Firefox.

Based on my google searches, there doesn't seem to be a Preview plugin for browsers, but I'm asking in case I missed it, and also to ask if there's any way around it to achieve my purpose.

Also, sort of related question is, is there a way to use Safari's or Chrome's built-in PDF viewers as standalone applications or in another browser (as plugins)? because ultimately I'd love to use Safari's built-in PDF viewer everywhere if I could..

Thanks mac experts!!


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Oct 19, 2008
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Your Mac's Specs
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You've pretty much got the whole situation figured out.

Safari - uses PDFKit to display PDFs (the same engine used by Preview) or Adobe's PDF plugin.
Chrome - Google's PDF reader.
Opera - you have to use the Schubert|it PDF Browser Plugin (what I assume you mean by "PDF Browser Plugin" above).
Firefox - there was the excellent Mac PDF plugin (which also uses PDFKit) but development seems to have ceased. The Schubert|it PDF Browser Plugin works with FF as well.

The only thing you haven't mentioned are the various Google Docs PDF plugins but given what you've mentioned above, I don't think you'd like them.

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