Is It Safe.

Jul 14, 2008
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Hi fellow Mac Users; and Silver Surfers (of which I'm proud to be one).
"Is It Safe". Chilling words uttered by an onscreen dentist to a confused Dustin Hoffman before some excruciating dentistry.
In a world where the carrying of cash is not advised, and retailers inform us that they will no longer accept cheques as a form of payment, bank clerks get slower and slower, (or is that a fact of life for us silver surfers); and the plastic card is at the forefront; but ultimately no safer than cash. I have ventured into the world of online banking and online buying. But my spam folder fills with alarming regularity, and I read that hackers can sit outside of my house and record my keypad activity with no effort. (Excuse me while I close the blinds!). Passwords provide little assurance., no matter how complicated I make them, and then find I have to write them down to remember them! So I've been reading about IP addresses, and how they can be changed or hidden; Brilliant! surely this means no one can hack into my computer. Because I won't be the same computer, or in the same place, twice.
Windows users can accomplish this, but not so, Mac users, alas. There seems to be no software. Or am I wrong. Is my paranoia getting the better of me.
Any thoughts?
Is It Safe?

From Jordache, (from under a blanket, under the bed)
Oct 22, 2007
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You are getting a little paranoid, but hey, its better than having a rose tinted view of the world

I will try and sum up safe working as concisely as possible

It would be very difficult for someone to hack your mac, or intsall nefarious software on your mac without alerting you that some un-asked for software is attempting to install on your system

But first make sure your Macs firewall is set up

Other than that its a matter of common sense

Never be tempted by any too good to be true offers, either online or through email messages. Stick to established firms that you trust and you will be fine.

Online shopping is usually hassle free, I bet you know this already, but you just need to trust the seller, if they look shady or are offering deals that would put any normal company in bankrupcy, then think twice and consider walking away from the deal

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