Is iPhone 4S battery charging current something controllable in an app?

Jan 9, 2011
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Is there a software capability available to developers to change the charger current on an iPhone 4S?

Some battery apps seem to say they are doing this. for example they let the user specify how many minutes of trickle charging will happen after the battery reaches full charge at normal charging current. Is this possible for any app?

By "seem to say", I mean that is how I understand the vague and oddly worded docs.

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Feb 25, 2009
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To my knowledge there are no public API's available to modify how a battery is charged in the iPhone. There is some information you can get about the battery and monitor it through the UIDevice singleton.

In all honesty, I'd think that Apple would block any direct access to modifying charging technique on the batteries as an app could possibly force an overcharge or some other malicious activity - plus the functionality of charging control would be limited to when the app is running which would be in the foreground (since last I checked there were no states for allowed background functionality that included battery charging).

A jailbroken device may allow for some modification of how the charging system works depending on how much is handled within software vs hardware.

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