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I got a brand new iPod. One of the last of the 15 GBs, the price was reduced (was initially planning to buy 10 GB). Anyway, the problem is my Mac runs on OS 9.1. I also have OS 10.0.something on it, though I don't use it. Do i have any options for using my iPod with this Mac other than buying and installing OS 10.2? The itunes I have (v. 2) does not seem to recognise the iPod. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Feb 25, 2003
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Sometimes my iPod isnt recognized by iTunes if its been running for a long time.. i restart, but log-out/log-in should work as well... if not.

Upgrade to OSX you have it, mise well use it! Though its true alot of people just like classic more ( i was one of them) but ive grown to love OSX equal to my never ending love for classic.

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