iPod Video 5th gen and troubleshooting

Sep 24, 2008
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1 prev. gen MB with a 350hd. 1 20inch previous iMac. Both run SL jailbroken 1st gen ipod touc. &3g i
So last weekend my sister brought me her iPod video 5th gen and sad it wasnt working, so i turned it on and got the sad iPod. I then reset it and that did nothing, then I plugged it in, the computer didnt see it or itunes, So after Googling I found i should put it in Disk Mode, So i reset and then held select and play, I got the OK to disconect to i plugged in, it said do not disconnect then, Nothing happened so i left it over night, woke up, still nothing, Ive checked the harddrive connection. Ive also held select and back and got to the secret menu and all the test came out fine. Does any one know whats going on??

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