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Sep 10, 2008
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hello everyone,
I need help with my ipodtouch and I'm going to tell you the whole story
I bought an ipod touch a couple of months ago it had v.1.1.4(with soft ware upgrade) I wanted to get the 2.0 update but itunes isn't avaliable were I live so I went for leaked I downloaded a file from the web , clicked restore on itunes while pressing shift ,choose the update file ,then pressed ok it restored and I got 2.0 which had bugs and gliches then I upgraded to 2.0.1 . I still had bugs so I took it to the store to get it fixed . but they jail broke it! and I paid 20$ . so I restored and took it to apple head office where I spoke to the engineer he told me hw will remove the old software and install the official 1.1.4(with software upgrade)
I got it yesterday and I have been having some gliches:
when I was syncing my ipod I closed itunes and the ipod swiched on showing apple logo
when I used youtube search all videos times were 00.00 when I checed featured videos and went back to search everything was normal
and I feel that the sound controller sometimes freezes when I try to adjust the volume
I don't know weather it's normal maybe it's because sometimes I go far from the router
please help me my ipod is the 32gb and I feel very guilty
also when I put the ipod back in the box and then wanted to use it I found it turned on it was saying slide to power off at the head of the screen. I think it had been turned on while being in box. also when I try to restore it only restores and updates to 2.0.2 for free why is that?
I am thinking of selling it what do you think? it caused me enough troubles till now
and I hope someone posts a reply!


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Dec 20, 2006
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