ipod shuffle or ipod nano

Nov 8, 2011
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ok so my mum and dad say i can ether get an iPod shuffle 2gb (i thought id rather have 2 than 4 because it is hard to choose songs) with other presents. or an iPod nano 6th gen 8gb with not many other presents.

stuff to take into acount
i listento radio
I'm taking it to school
I'm going running with it (i might get a nike+)
i needs to have good 'street cred'
i already have an iPod touch 4th gen 64gb. but I'm not allowed to take it to school because it is too expensive because i saved up for it myself

which wold you get
is it worth it for the 4gb iPod shuffle if you choose that one

how do i make a poll

thanks tom

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