Ipod Screen acting weird



Okay so i was in futureshop the other day and i was able to find some old 4th gen ipods...or well i think 4th gen the ones with the spin wheel and seing as how there is a 5th gen out they had them on sale and i just had to have a spin wheel cause the click wheel just blah...so i bought it up...i just had to get a 2 year warrenty to cover me on the battery issue.

So to get to my point..i dont know if this has been an issue from since i opened the box but this is my second day with it and the screen seems to be messed up...when i catch it in sunlight the display shows many colours like the liquid has leaked or something along that lines...under indoor light it seems to be pretty much fine..just natural light...does anyone else have this issue.

Please feedback is needed asap so i can return it and get another spin wheel before they are all gone and i have lost my chance, and i dont really wanna send it back to apple and be without it for a couple days.


I think you're fine...I've noticed something like that..kind of..sometimes..nothing to get me to worry..just colours in the plastice...probably the prism effect in some form or fashion....though, my vision of the screen has never been rendered, so if yours is, then there is a problem.

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