iPod Nano 6th Generation problems when connected to car

Oct 12, 2011
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Hi everyone, until recently I've had no problem scrolling through playlists,artists etc on my iPod while it has been plugged in to my car iPod plug, recently it has started to come up with the accessory connected screen when I plug it in and I can't select any playlists etc, it is an older system on the car so I have to select the playlist on the iPod then once it is selected I can scroll through the songs on that playlist using the fast forward buttons on the cars audio system, however I can't scroll through playlists on the cars system.
This wasn't ever a problem until the iPod stopped allowing me to select playlists while connected, I think it might have been caused by updating the software on my iPod, is there any way I can either go back to the original 1.0 software or over ride the accessory screen while it's plugged in?.

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