Mar 5, 2015
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I have this iPod and here is what it's doing. Please note: The HDD has been replaced with an OEM and it does spin up, I have done a lean test on it, and the battery was completely dead, but does hold a charge. A new one is on the way. Here are the steps I take:

1. I press the center button on the click wheel
2. The Apple logo appears
3. I release the center button
4. After 5 seconds, I get a iPod sad face and the triangle with an exclamation point inside of it.
5. It then turns off.

Here is what I have done to troubleshoot:
1. I have done multiple resets by turning on the hold selector switch and turning it off, then holding down the Center and Menu buttons. Same Result.
2. I leave the cable unconnected and I have put the iPod in disk mode by, with the iPod off, pressing and holding down the Play/Pause and Center buttons, then I wait for the apple logo to appear, and then I release the buttons after about 15 seconds. Once in disk mode when it says OK to disconnect, I will then reconnect to a PC or Mac. The screen on the iPod will start to say do not disconnect with a blinking no smoking sign in the middle. On the PC, the iPod driver installation started once, failed when the iPod went back to the Apple logo screen from disk mode, thus severing its connection with the PC, then proceeds to boot loop. It will only boot loop if plugging into a charger or computer. When its plugged into a Mac, it does the same thing on the iPod, but nothing pops on the Mac at all. When its still plugged in and getting charge after the sad iPod face goes away, it says Please Wait Very Low Battery, even though the battery has a full charge.
3. I have done the same procedure with the cable connected to the PC or Mac, which replaces the first step in number 2. So, it would say I have a connected cable and I have put the iPod in disk mode by. So on and so on.
4. I have disconnected everything in the iPod and reconnected as well.

If any one can help, please.



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Jan 23, 2008
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I had the same exact iPod and like you replaced the hard drive after it failed. After much testing and re-testing I never could get it to work right. It displayed similar symptoms as yours did. I finally determined that the logic board was bad and gave up.

You might want to go to the ifixit site and go thru their troubleshooting techniques and repairs. LINK

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