iPhoto,photos and external drive

Sep 14, 2011
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My wife has been using iPhoto to create albums of her large collection of photos and would now like to move these photos,in their album form, across to an external drive.The idea being that she can then plug in external whenever she wants a hit of memories and play the photos as slideshow.
Can this be down ?Will they hold their album format? But I suppose can the photos be moved to external drive is the more relevant question as the other questions will be answered then.I have tried dragging and dropping and didn't manage it, and whilst there is an export facility in "File", that didn't seem show an option.It's probably staring me in the face.
Also when selecting large batches of photos to be moved say to an album, is there a keyboard command?I did find my trial and error that by holding the shift and clicking randomly on photos it did link a batch up but I think that was beginner's luck !
Thank you

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