iPhoto Glitches! Help

Oct 13, 2011
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2011 13" 10.8 (latest)
So far this only happens in iPhoto.
I scroll through it and delete images, and rearrange them, etc. and then either the top notification bar goes out and then the top half of the iPhoto bar goes black or grey areas appear.

I have some screen shots of the issue.

Do you think it would be good to reset my PRAM or anything else like that?

The apple genius bar didn't have a definite answer for me, but they suggested I back up to TM and then reinstall Lion.
Now I spoke with an advisor on the phone and he said to power off and hold cmd-r and it brought me to the Utilities menu and there he said I could reinstall it and I would NOT lose any of my data. I did not believe him, so thats when I took it to the apple store and there they said I should reinstall it, but that I would lose my data.

So Im not really sure what to do about this issue.
The computer still functions, it just glitches out for a minute until I proceed to click on something else.

Please help!




Also, another thing happened while transferring two files to a thumb drive, they froze on the screen...


I understand that sometimes machines freeze and glitch, but I just wasn't expecting this from a brand new computer...

Another thing I would like to say, is that the computer is upgraded to an OWC SSD, so it is aftermarket, but it was professionally installed and purchased off eBay.

Please give me some feedback!
Mar 8, 2012
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iPhoto glitch with Macbook Pro Late 2011 2.4Ghz

I have the same problem as you have. Did you find out what it was. I have also posted a video about this problem on youtube. Please have a look. Anyhow I have sent a bug report to Apple about it.

Please have a look if this is the same as you.


I can replicate the problem by following these steps:

My Setup:
A) Late 2011 Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz with Intel 3000 HD graphics.
B) iPod touch 4th Gen 8GB

I have been able to replicate 3 times out of 5 this glitch by following these steps.
1) Connect your iPod touch to your Macbook Pro.
2) Wait for iPhoto to launch.
3)Once iPhoto is launched. Select iPhoto from the Menu bar and click exit iphoto.
4) Relaunch iPhoto since your iPod touch is still connected, iPhoto will show you device photos first. Deselect that by:-
5) Clicking on Photos option under Library and then hovering mouse over your Photos. The glitch should show up.
6) Quit iPhoto
7) Relaunch iPhoto
8) Deselect Device photos by clicking on Photos under Library
9) Hover mouse over Library Photos. The glitch should be still present.


You forgot to tell us what kind of computer this is. Details like this are extremely helpful.

Your screenshots indicate a graphics card issue.

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