iphoto as main reference for photos

Nov 14, 2010
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Orange County, NY
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iMac-21.5"(2017):OS Catalina 10.15.2 IOS13.3 iPhone 8+ iPadpro v2
The other day my wife was putting together a slideshow for an old friend to post on Facebook. Although her pictures are all on there MBP hard drive, they are less than ideally cataloged and so she often has to ask me for help in locating them. The biggest problem being that many are in iPhoto database only. Realizing I need to help her organize her photo library caused me to realize I too have many pics only in iPhoto database on my iMac-mainly pics from iPhone. Which explains why my iPhoto Library is over 66GB in size.
Question 1: Could I simply export ALL my iPhoto pics to a separate HDD and them delete them from iPhoto and reimport from the separate HDD?
Question 2: Will I lose any slides shows, etc I have made?
Question 3: Any concerns with recreating the iPhoto Library?

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