iPhone photo rotation incorrect

Aug 2, 2007
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MacbookPro 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, 250GB @5200 rpm Hard Drive, OS X 10.5
Recently, I took some on the spot pictures with my iPhone. I used image capture to sync the pictures to my MBP, and then subsequently deleted them from my camera roll on the phone. I put them all in a folder called “iPhone photos”. I sync the phone with iTunes to get those pictures, and others, back to the phone. Now I have a nice neat place for all of the pictures I’ve taken with the phone that is both on the phone and on the Mac. The only problem is that when I view the pictures on the phone they are rotated an extra 90 degrees. Any idea on why this is? Am I going to have to open all of those pictures in Photoshop and get them rotated back to normalcy? Lol.

One thing I noticed is that it only does this rotation 90 degrees counter clockwise, and only to the photos that I have taken while the iPhone was vertical (as in the normal orientation on the phone). Totally annoying!

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