iPhone iCal suddenly no longer working!

Apr 1, 2015
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I currently am using an iPhone 4s running iOs 8.2 (currently up to date)
Everything has always worked perfectly fine with my iCal app on the phone
Last night I open the app, and the dots are on the days with events as appropriate, but the events are no longer listed below

When you go to the "list view" of the app, it shows an event at the appropriate time that I put it in for but the event name has now changed from whatever I put in to "New Event" ... but the time has remained accurate.
It has only done this for some events, but not all.

I do not use iCloud at all for anything ...so nothing syncs over the cloud
I put in all my events on my Macbook Air calendar and then sync them to my iPhone

I recently updated my Macbook Air to OS X Yosemite (like a week or 2 ago). I am pretty sure this problem happened after I synced my iPhone with the calendar on the mac after I updated to Yosemite.

I hope this all makes sense. It's pretty annoying because all the events are there with their times, but their names are all deleted on the phone!

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