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Feb 5, 2010
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I'm a pretty decent iPhone user and know my way around jailbreaking. However, I've run into a problem that I can't quite figure out. My iPhone won't go into safe mode. I used springboardsettings and I can't go to it from there. And every now and then my iPhone crashes (spin wheel shows up in the middle) but it's like instead of going to safe mode it pauses for about 10-15 more seconds and just resprings. Also my weather icons on lockinfo won't show (I can't see the forecast) (but this is a lesser problem). I've tried reinstalling the Mobile substrate but that seems to have no effect. I'm curious as to weather or not categories or categoriessb or five column springboard/five row spring board have anything to do with the safe mode problem. Please let me know anything or point me in the right direction. Thanks in advanced.


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