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Apr 3, 2006
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Hi guys. In my car I have a 30 pin ipod cable that runs around to the back of the head unit in my car. This allows me to play music from my ipod. Well I just received my new iPhone, so I gave my iPod to my sister. Anyways this morning i got into my car and plugged in my iPhone into the car. Apparently the audio was playing, but only through the iPhone speakers :( . I thought something like this would happen, the iPhone must export music differently than iPods. Today I did some googling, and I found a 30 pin female to 3.5mm male cable on ebay for $15. My idea is to plug the 3.5 into the iphone and then on the other end plug the 30 pin from the car into it as well. It makes sense to do this and I don't see it not working, so here go my questions:

1) Do you think it will work.

2) Have you heard of this being done before.

3) Have you seen any prices cheaper than $15, even though $15 isn't bad.

Please reply, any feedback will help.

Thanks. Gerald

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