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Jun 12, 2012
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There is a lot of discussion about the stats of the new phones. I have a question about the wifi upgrade.

In the keynote address it was mentioned the wifi was upgraded to be able to take advantage of wifi when the cell network might not have a good signal to make calls. Would it be possible, assuming I have access to wifi nearly all the time, to abandon my carrier and avoid the monthly charge? Would I be able to keep my phone number. Could someone explain the advantages and drawbacks to such a scheme?

I ask this because I really can't stand how the carriers rake us over the coals.
Without ranting about their past behavior and what they are doing now, I'm always looking for ways to get their hands out of my pocket.

Paying for the new phone out of pocket would be expensive but would be offset in a year of not having to pay for their service. What they really offer is convenience.


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Jul 17, 2009
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The WiFi calling is NOT a replacement for your cellular call. If you want to be entirely based on WiFi, you will need to use services like Skype or Google Voice and so on to give up your carrier.

Once you give up your carrier, you lose your phone number as well.

T-Mobile already had WiFi calling available through an app on their devices (except iPhone) that basically "expanded" your reach by using the WiFi connection to make phone calls and also send/receive SMS and so on.

This technology just makes it work, likely, with all the carriers..

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