iPhone 6 Plus Playback Volume Issues

Dec 3, 2007
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Hi all,

Got in the car this morning, started playing my music via Bluetooth as always and after about a minute, the volume just turned itself down. I hadn't touched the phone, the volume was set at maximum as it has always been for when I'm streaming via Bluetooth. Tried turning it down and then back up on the phone, made no difference. It was fine yesterday and doesn't appear to have updated at all overnight. Sat at my desk this morning, plugged my headphones in, and the volume is really low on those too. I've checked my settings and the volume limit is off, maximum volume is at maximum. I have noticed that when I tried turning the volume up with the headphones in, it gave me a red warning for high volume that I don't think has been there before, and had to go a few steps into that to get about the same level as when it had been set at about 1/3 maximum volume previously!

Does anyone have any idea what the issue is here? Have Apple updated something to massively limit the volume output for headphones and Bluetooth? Is there any way of reverting it to how it used to be?

Thanks in advance.

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